A rare breed of creativity

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A Rare Breed of Creativity

Blue-Eyed Panda: A Rare Breed of Creativity
While being chased through the jungles in China, a mighty Panda was forced to hide in the forest.
While dodging hunters and predators this Panda developed sharp vision and a keen sense of . . .



blah . . .

We forget the rest of the story. Actually, we just love the name! Don't you?

If your project needs that special flare that only a "rare breed of creativity" can bring, then put the Blue-Eyed Panda to work for you.

Blue-Eyed Panda's Story

Blue-Eyed Panda's Story

Members of the Blue-Eyed Panda Production team have been producing highlight videos for over 15 years. Our President played football for the University of South Carolina from 1990-95 and started 44 games for the Gamecocks.

Since the turn of the century, the business has turned towards solving all problems dealing with visual images.

Our team consists of experts in the fields of video editing, visual effects, sound design, web design, legal video, print work, flash development, and more.

Our clients range from individuals seeking a solution for their parents' 50th anniversary party to Global Companies as large as Toyota Inc.

Blue-Eyed Panda is proud to serve its customers from the heart of South Carolina in "The Vista."