A rare breed of creativity


Client Comments

Taylor Grant - Writer, Director

You can read this review at the LinkedIn profile of Marty Simpson.

“Marty Simpson of Blue Eyed Panda is a real rarity—someone who is as easy to work with as they are brilliant. As an entertainment professional in Hollywood, I was a bit reluctant to work in a 100% virtual capacity with Blue Eyed Panda—but Marty and his team won me over immediately. Though I was based in California and Blue Eyed Panda is in South Carolina, they provided a flawless workflow. I enjoyed daily updates on my feature film, which enabled me to preview and provide feedback both quickly and easily. His work on the credit sequence of my film was simply stunning, and in fact, was better than many films with far larger budgets. Marty has a world-class work ethic and an enviable ability to make even the most technical parts of post-production easy-to-understand. It is my sincere pleasure to give my recommendation to Marty and Blue Eyed Panda. Their creativity and technical prowess were instrumental in the success of my project—and I'd work with them again in a New York second.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Heather Matthews - Nexsen Pruet
When I need a creative spark for a video project I call Blue Eyed Panda. Principal, Marty Simpson embraces our projects as if they were his own. He and his team are client-focused.

Heather Matthews
Director of Marketing
Nexsen Pruet
Excerpt From Letter Written By The Honorable Joseph F. Anderson, Jr. United States District Judge
I have been remiss in not writing you to let you know what a fine job Blue Eyed Panda did in producing the DVD of my portrait unveiling ceremony and related activities last October.  Your craftsmanship and artistry were quite evident and I am most pleased with the final product.  Thank you for such a thoughtful and conscientious effort on my behalf.

CSU Head Coach Jay Mills

BlueEyed Panda has consistently given our program a quality product at an affordable price. From inception to delivery, each step of the process has been handled in a professional manner. Always accessible and result driven, I wholeheartedly recommend their service.

Jay Mills
Head Football Coach
Charleston Southern University

Bert Sorin - Sorinex Exercise Equipment

Marty and Blue Eyed Panda have been great to work with over the last 6 years. Marty is very intuitive and creative when it comes to his video and photo work, thus, it has become a large part of our marketing tactic.

Bert Sorin - Sorinex Exercise Equipment (Sorinex.com)

Samkon Gado (N.F.L Football Player)

My relationship with Marty runs deeper than most of his clients. I've had the privilege of knowing him for 12 years and in that time I've known nothing but his dogged determination to help me in any way he can. From his highlight videos that helped me get a football scholarship to my website that helps me better reach out to my supporters, his work has been impeccable. If not for his efforts, I would not be where I am today.

Samkon Gado (N.F.L - Currently Miami Dolphins)

Shane Selby - Owner, Studio Auditions

The dictionary defines brilliance as "excellence or distinction; conspicuous talent, mental ability, etc." Well, I define it as Blue Eyed Panda.

Marty took my ideas and proactively brought our project to life. Not only was he able to bring the techspeak down to laymen's terms but he also brought an old-fashioned business approach to getting things done. I am very satisfied with the customer relationship I have built with Marty and I would highly recommend Blue Eyed Panda to anyone needing design services or coding experts.

Shane Selby - Owner, Studio Auditions (www.StudioAuditions.com ) 

Dr. Rick McCain

Marty Simpson and Blue Eyed Panda have been a great resource for my medical practice. Marty has done outstanding work for 2 web sites that I oversee. He is professional, capable, kind and principled. He has an in depth knowledge of web site design, video editing, file conversion, dvd production and many other cutting edge technologies. He is also adept at providing a range of services at different cost levels and then let the customer choose what fits into his budget. I recommend him without reservation.

Dr. Rick McCain

April and Greg Scanio, Columbia, SC

WOW .... is the one word to describe Marty Simpson, his staff and Blue Eyed Panda!! He did our daughter's wedding video and it was so entertaining and unique how they put it together that we went back to them and had them do my mother's 80th birthday tribute video!

And the tribute video was also a huge success with my family and everyone who's watched it! They are professional and make videos that even strangers find entertaining! They are the best and I'm already looking for an excuse to have them make us another video! With utmost regards, we highly recommend you use Blue Eyed Panda for your video needs!

April and Greg Scanio, Columbia, SC

Bobby and Fran Richardson

After completing our company's website in 2006, we hired Blue-Eyed Panda for our wedding video. They did such a great job on our daughter's wedding video that we've hired them for our son's wedding in May 08.

Bobby and Fran Richardson

Dr. Gene and Rose Smith

We have worked with Marty for years, as he has been creating DVD's that families can be proud to show and love to watch for many years! He goes the extra mile to ensure that the product he delivers is exceptional in quality and content.

Dr. Gene and Rose Smith

Jimmy Noonan - Former Spring Valley Head Football Coach.

We just gave Marty the game film and the pictures and he did the rest. It was a seamless and thorough process.

He filmed from our sideline in the playoffs and we never even noticed him. The sideline footage makes the video special.

We just feel like seniors are only seniors once, and for each of those kids it is worth documenting their season. I would recommend anyone interested in adding a professional edge to their program to utilize Marty Simpson to do their high-lights.

Also, the total cost was recovered in the sale of the video, so it actually cost us nothing to produce a professional level high-light film.

We feel it adds momentum to the off season training motivating the returning players to work hard in the off season.

Jimmy Noonan - Former Spring Valley Head Football Coach, and current Wilson Hall Head Coach.

Mike Nixon - Managing Director of Tekna Structures LLC

I've always had the deepest respect for Marty, Not only in his work - his video was always first rate and now, his web design is unique and compelling. But also (and more importantly) for his character.

Mike Nixon - Managing Director of Tekna Structures LLC