• Sea Hunt Boats Re-Hires The Panda

    After a full customized site was developed in 2008, the folks at Sea Hunt Boats were so happy with Blue-Eyed Panda they re-hired them in 2012 for their website update and re-design. Read More +
  • Recent Comedy Websites

    When the CCA needed a new website they wanted a company with enough entertainment industry savvy to pull off the exact right 'feeling' of their organization's comedy website. They turned to the Panda... Read More +
  • FifeIsMyLife.com

    A website for Comedian Rik Roberts who also does Barney Fife impersantions. Read More +
  • Skylar Grey

    Before Skylar Grey was writing and producing smash hit records with Eminem (Love the Way You Lie), she was knowns as Holly Brook. As Holly Brook, she turned to the Panda for her website design... Read More +
  • Recent Business Websites

    Among the many projects that we have finished recently for our clients, one of our favorites was Kathy Santo's new website. She has been featured on Martha Stewart several times and is one of the Panda's most beloved 'pet' clients! Read More +
  • Recent E-Commerce Website

    Blue-Eyed Panda has served as the sole webmaster for the highly successful online company Front End Audio since 2005. Recently the Panda completed a full site redesign to give the leading professional audio retailer a new look and feel. Read More +
  • Landmark Restaurant Chooses the Panda

    Recently the famed Columbia, SC restaurant, Blue-Marlin chose Blue-Eyed Panda for its website overhaul. The Panda worked closely with General Manager and Head Chef, Brian Dukes, to ensure this website lived up to the fine reputation Blue-Marlin has had for more than twenty years. Read More +
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Insights From The Panda...

Don't forget we also do logo design!

Blue-Eyed Panda feels the most important thing in its business is to be a "problem-solver." The look and feel of the services and products we deliver give the impression that we are a creative and artistic company. However, our true creativity lies in our ability to solve problems. We are "a rare breed of creativity," but maybe not like you would expect. We strive to solve each of our clients' needs individually and as affordably as possible. This means we will use whatever means are at our disposal to get those problems solved. We look forward to completing a project with you in the near future, and sincerely hope we can be of service to you.

But understand, if your company is not a perfect fit for what it is we do, we understand. It will be bad news if we cannot solve your particular problem, but it won't change the fact that the president of our company will still continue to love his amazing wife, his wonderful children, and his two goldendoodles. For the folks at Blue-Eyed Panda, life is great right now, so if it turns out we can't work together, we wish you the best of luck with your endeavors!