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News: Blue-Eyed Panda Provides Interactive Kick-off for


News: Blue-Eyed Panda Provides Interactive Kick-off for

Columbia, South Carolina-based firm helps bring together recording studios and audio engineers together with advanced mic-testing environment

Last Updated: June 6, 2007 9:06 pm GMT

(COLUMBIA, SC) When he needed someone to provide the dynamic website he wanted for his new, co-owner Shane Selby knew where to turn.

"In order to deliver the content we wanted to provide, we needed to have an interface that was extremely dynamic and user-driven. This is where Blue-Eyed Panda came in," Selby said.

After coming up empty searching for a site that provided what he was looking for, Selby was motivated to create a place where professional studio-owners and musicians could share information, read news and reviews, see studio listings from around the country, and much more.

Blue-Eyed Panda president Marty Simpson said,

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