Vicki Sweeten :: Business Development Director


Vicki graduated from Auburn University in the 80's and moved with husband, Ed Sweeten to Charlotte, NC. After working as a closing agent for a law firm for two years, Vicki had her first of four children and became a stay at home mom. During her early years at home she became proficient with the latest technology to help write and publish a bi monthly church newsletter for three years.

Due to Ed's career, their family moved to Columbia, SC in 1986. In Columbia, she began a newsletter publication for a new church in Blythewood and also volunteered in two different political campaigns. While her three sons and daughter attended Ben Lippen School, her volunteer efforts shifted. Vicki supported several school functions and coordinated a few large events. She was named to an Advisory Board at Columbia International University for two years. She also helped Marty Simpson, the football coach, as the team mom.

While team mom, Vicki developed a love being behind a camera as she was Marty's film assistant. She was a board member of the Ben Lippen Booster Club for three years and responsible for the Athletic Program. This responsibility forced her to learn and manage new complex design software. For three years she was co-president of the Booster Club.

In 2004, Vicki was hired by a Columbia, SC company as Senior Project Manager to support the Federated-Macy's nationwide rebranding initiative in 2004-2005 and Federated-Macy nationwide rebranding initiative in 2006-07. Vicki has been with Blue Eyed Panda since September of 2007.