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News: Blue-Eyed Panda Provides Interactive Kick-off for


News: Blue-Eyed Panda Provides Interactive Kick-off for

Columbia, South Carolina-based firm helps bring together recording studios and audio engineers together with advanced mic-testing environment

Last Updated: June 6, 2007 9:06 pm GMT

(COLUMBIA, SC) When he needed someone to provide the dynamic website he wanted for his new, co-owner Shane Selby knew where to turn.

"In order to deliver the content we wanted to provide, we needed to have an interface that was extremely dynamic and user-driven. This is where Blue-Eyed Panda came in," Selby said.

After coming up empty searching for a site that provided what he was looking for, Selby was motivated to create a place where professional studio-owners and musicians could share information, read news and reviews, see studio listings from around the country, and much more.

Blue-Eyed Panda president Marty Simpson said,

"Shane's idea is great, and I think this site will fill a much needed void in the internet audio community. It was exactly the type of project our company loves to work on. We are all about FUNCTIONALITY. We want our interactive media to have a purpose.

“Each area of is like its own mini-website. The first is the user-submitted content. You have user-submitted reviews, user-submitted studios, which is the feature area of the site really, the discussion forums, and the classifieds. Then you have the professional environment provided by Shane and his 'entourage' of audio-gurus, which includes the pro-reviews, the pro-audio articles, and the industry news.

“All of these areas needed to work on a browser based dynamic mechanism. Each area is like a mini-version of myspace. All areas are controlled by your one-single login username. You are able to tap into what seems like ten websites with one single login. The complex database integrations of the site are what we are most proud of at Blue-Eyed Panda."

The site also features a mic-testing environment named "Jam Room Sessions" after the studio which does the recording of the clips. Visitors will be able to sample literally hundreds of mics all sorted by name brand and model numbers, each recorded on different styles like distorted guitar, male/female vocals, hip-hop vocals, acoustic guitar, and much more.

Dynamic wave-forms are generated by the interactive Flash interface to provide the user with the subtle nuances necessary in order to make an informed decision when buying a microphone. After selecting mics, a handy link is located on the interface where you can immediately shop for and purchase that particular microphone. More and more samples are being added monthly, currently over 600.

Site-co-owner Selby said,

"Blue-Eyed Panda played an integral part in the deployment of our vision. We knew what we wanted the site to be, and they helped develop the design of the interface as well as the database driven code to make the site what it is now.

“We launched from our beta-testing environment with a few hundred users, and in just two short weeks we are well over a thousand users, growing fifty per day. We have over 400 studios listed in our studio-space area and that number is growing by twenty or thirty per day.

“We are very excited about the potential for this internet community. A host of manufacturers are already on board as sponsors and that number is growing daily as well."

Simpson said,

"This project displays exactly what our company is all about. Blue-Eyed Panda is a 'rare breed of creativity.' This website definitely displays that. We were honored to get to work with such experts in their respective fields as Shane Selby and Warren Dent (co-owners of as well as We are looking forward to seeing where this project ends up and what comes from it. I can't wait to see people's responses to the Jam Room Sessions."

"The most rewarding part of the whole project was when I was talking to my brother on the phone in California and he was complaining about how there was no information on the internet about a microphone he was looking to purchase, and I was able to tell him to check out our new site. He went there and loved it. Providing this functionality is what we love to do at Blue-Eyed Panda."

Blue-Eyed Panda LLC
Blue-Eyed Panda is a multimedia firm based in Columbia, SC providing interactive media in the form of internet and interactive-CD-Rom deployments. Blue-Eyed Panda also provides high-impact 3-D graphic design, and recently was featured by after winning their, "How did they do that?" contest. Visit to learn more.

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