Skylar Grey

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Before Skylar Grey wrote the smash-hit "Love the Way You Lie" performed by Eminem and Rihanna, she was known as "Holly Brook." While performing as Holly Brook, she had Blue-Eyed Panda redesign her musician website.

However, due to the nature of the career path change for Ms. Grey, the sites designed by Blue-Eyed Panda for "Holly Brook" are no longer available to be seen online. However, you can read below to see what Ms. Brook thought about the work completed by Blue-Eyed Panda.

Marty Simpson and Blue Eyed Panda have recently built a wonderful website for my music. Marty's proficiency in the latest technology and his attention to detail are unmatched, and at the same time, he is able to keep sight of the overall vision for the project. His proactive work ethic and communication skills are refreshing!

Blue-Eyed Panda has demonstrated genuine care for the project, it's upkeep, and took my ideas into account.

PS. Can't forget to mention his witty and upbeat sense of humor!

Holly Brook |

(Holly sang "Where'd You Go" with Linkin Park front-man [Fort Minor] and has her own album out called "Like Blood Like Honey.")

Below are some screen-shots from the sites Blue-Eyed Panda put together for Holly Brook.

Blue-Eyed Panda put together a completely customized full-flash website for Holly Brook. It contained integrations inside the flash website and multiple photo gallery customizations. It also featured her music in such a way that made it difficult for users to steal!

Blue-Eyed Panda also was in charge of customizing a Wordpress Template for Holly's blogging.

Blue-Eyed Panda also customized a full vBulletin theme to match the Wordpress and Flash websites for Holly.